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Herrings Engraving & Jewelry Repair

CLOSED until... Approximatly 10-10-2016, please call for a status update. We might open sooner so leave a voicemail message, so I can call you back to accomadate your needs.Thank You, Glenn Herring
Herrings Engraving & Jewelry Repair • • 2150 Jackson Keller, San Antonio, TX 78230 <--[Link to Google Maps] •

We will be closing to relocate... The new store will be at 2150 Jackson Keller Road. We will be located in the "Castle Junction" shopping center, Inside: THE PRETTY DUCKLING, which is between (Firefly Pediatrics and AERUS Electrolux Vacuum Store)

Hours of Operation:
Tues - Sat 11AM to 7PM
Sun & Mon CLOSED

Please call for an appointment,
so that I may be able to accomodate your request.
~Glenn Herring

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“So you won’t get lost, please watch my somewhat professional, homemade video below.
These “Video Directions” are for your benefit, I know where my store is; you may not. ~ Glenn Herring the Owner”

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Engraving San Antonio

The ancient Romans saw personal engravings as a status symbol and the upper class nobility often held precious and semi-precious gems with specialized inscriptions or images as prized possessions. Thousands of years later the world is a much different place but human nature, and even taste, is relatively unchanged. Today, in a culture of mass production, we seek ways to make gifts, heirlooms and other cherished objects unique and personally precious. At Herrings Engraving & Jewelry Repair - Engraving San Antonio, a business with more than 30 years of experience creating exclusive and personal engravings, nearly anything from jewelry and other metals to glass and plastic objects can be engraved with a personal message for the perfect gift, or simply for private satisfaction.

Engravings offer a nearly endless variety of possibilities; if you can imagine it you can engrave it. Gifts carry more meaning and events a deeper resonance when specialized for the person or occasion. Wedding rings are a notable example, as many consider tying the knot to be the experience of a lifetime. The rings are a symbolic representation of perpetual union, so it is no wonder the newlyweds would want to add extra emphasis to them. A ring with a special phrase (imagine ‘Amor vincit omnia’ Latin for love conquers all) place even more weight to the significance of the occasion.

This is stating the obvious, most are well aware of jewelry engravings and likely have either had a ring or watch engraved or received one for a gift. The real wonder behind engravings isn’t the commonplace but the truly unique. Personalize knives, zippo lighters, wine glasses, plaques, trinkets or even add a few ancient runes to that sword your wife has been trying to force you to get rid of for years. Now it will be an extra special piece ready for display; something guests will find interesting and distinctive. It doesn’t have to be for a certain occasion; even plastic coated objects like high end electronics can be made into a personalized object with an engraving. Engravings are not limited to words and phrases alone, but intricate images can also be added to the item of your choice. Copy a photograph of a loved one onto a plague in honor of their memory. An exhaustive list of the possibilities is unthinkable.

Imagine a special event is less than 24 hours away and the gift you meant to have engraved for a friend slipped your mind until then. Luckily Herrings Engraving & Jewelry Repair - Engraving San Antonio has an impressive turnaround time, as many of the customers will confirm. But speed is not an indicator of lack of quality, each engraving is expertly done and of superb craftsmanship; the images or other work will speak for themselves. To add real meaning and one-of-a-kind appeal to almost anything there isn’t a more eloquent or expressive practical option than an engraving.

Herrings Engraving & Jewelry Repair • 2571 Jackson Keller, San Antonio, TX 78230 •